One on One Coaching: 

With one on one coaching you get a customized plan that is built to your needs and goals. This is for the athlete who wants a more hands on approach from their coach. You will receive workouts weekly for every day of the week.  Each workout is broken down into duration and intensity (heart rate, watts, pace, perceived exertion). Every week is based on your annual training plan. Workouts can even be updated daily depending on your feedback. There are no limits in phone, text, or email contact.
MultiSport: Single Sport
Coach Nick: $150/month* $125/month*
Coach Josh:    $150/month* $125/month* 
Coach Dana: $150/month* $125/month*

- Are you a member of a masters team or plan to do your swimming with a masters swim team? If yes, you will receive $25 off your monthly coaching package. 

*$125 initial one time set up fee for one on one coaching services: Includes a T-Shirt and Visor. 

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Swim Technique Analysis: 
At E-Endurance we understand the difference between pool swimming and open water swimming and what it takes to be a better swimmer. Coach Nick will meet with you one on one to help you with your stroke technique and give you assistance and guidance to help you achieve new personal best in your swim.
30 minute Sessions: $45 (B.R. Ryall members $25). 

Additional Coaching Sessions:
Looking for assistance in running form, racing strategy, or annual training plan development? We can help in any number of areas. 
Coach Nick: $75/hr. ($60/hr for full one on one athletes).
Coach Josh:      $65/hr. ($50/hr for full one on one athletes).
Coach Dana: $65/hr. ($50/hr for full one on one athletes).

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Technique Analysis and Workout Coaching: